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Syria [Aug. 30th, 2013|12:04 pm]

My advice to Obama? Put your weapons at the disposal of non-Islamic resistance fighters. Let them call in strikes when they want them on places where they need them. They're in charge, the US is just helping.

If the Russians or Iranians want to do the same thing for Assad, destroy their capabilities. Their airfields and ships and submarines. This is the moment to shift the balance of the world's power away from the autocracies.

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carbon tax [Jun. 30th, 2013|02:09 pm]
[Tags|, ]

I'd like to warn Rudd that moving to an ETS could lose him the election.

Backing the carbon tax will make him look strong and principled, backing Gillards decision and showing he's not living in the past.

He might even consider junking Combets link to the ETS since it confuses the reason to have a price on carbon: to change the economy.
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Gillard [Jun. 12th, 2013|10:43 am]
[Tags|, , ]

Gillard needs to go. To stay is selfish, and puts at risk her record of strong public policy measures.

Rudd is the leader that Labor apparently deserve, due to all their internal conniving and lack of party reform.

Also, remember that Rudd would have LOST the last election (because he was completely moribund) and Labor has gotten 3 years they otherwise wouldn't have - so count your blessings people!
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Ankle Bracelets and Sex Offender Lists [Mar. 11th, 2013|02:01 pm]

Its going towards my proposed solution of purpose-built towns for sex offenders.

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Rudd [Feb. 18th, 2013|10:24 am]
[Tags|, , ]

You'll have to bring him back.

Julia has failed in some critical areas. (No) carbon tax and mining tax. Also explaining what the NDIS is all about (I still don't know).

Sorry but there you go. As Howard says, ultimately politics is a numbers game.

If Rudd hasn't improved his micromanagement tendencies the party can always remove him.
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keynsian [Jan. 8th, 2013|09:35 am]
[Tags|, ]

I think my original call for deficit reduction was based on a complete fallacy: that politicians can magically reform an entire economy.

In fact, reducing (even wasteful) public spending increases the relative power of the rich, making change even less likely.

So I hereby recant. Thanks Paul Krugman for your persistence.

PS I somewhat excuse my naivety by not having yet finished my thesis at time of original writing. Seeing the economy as a complex set of interdependent collaborations makes the idea of Stalinist reform unlikely, especially in a country as chaotically governed as America or indeed the EU.
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Henceforth... [Sep. 19th, 2012|09:28 am]
Please find me on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn as I will no longer be writing here. It will however remain open as a resource, for myself, but also for anyone else wishing to browse.


View Ben Heslop's profile on LinkedIn

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Geeez [Aug. 29th, 2012|08:53 am]
[Tags|, ]

This is the last thing the government needs, just when people were beginning to respect and trust Julia.

Why not wait to announce this till after the election? Even if its required (which I doubt).

Joining with the EU ETS seems a bad idea. Economists ruined the EU just like they believed politicians would not ruin the ETS (with excessive free permits).

Philip Adams had a great chat with someone who said that a Carbon Tax is the only likely workable solution, and I see nothing to disagree with.
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Obama [Aug. 10th, 2012|12:04 pm]
[Tags|, , , ]

help Syria.

give them missiles.

do the north no-fly zone.
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Labor Leadership [Jul. 19th, 2012|10:32 am]
[Tags|, ]

Who to replace her?

Unless Combet is willing to step up, I don't see many options.

Rudd is a psychopath (and I mean that in the clinical sense).

She's got skills but they're all facilitatory. There's no entrepreneurial spirit there.

And Wayne Swan is a terrible sidekick. She needs someone with passion standing by her shoulder. Why not Plibersek as treasurer?

All I can offer is my thesis. If it makes her see the light, hell there might be hope. Otherwise you're all screwed.

And its not my policy suggestions. Who the FUCK originally told Gillard to dump on the Carbon Tax anyway. She really doesn't want my help does she?

I just wish Combet would grow some balls. Come on fella, get your proud, over-worked ass into the lodge.
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do it [Jun. 28th, 2012|08:00 am]

If the greens won't bend do whatever Abbott wants.

When the numbers in detention in Nauru build up over 12 months, throw it in his face come the election.


The Green's senator's crying performance was pathetic. You have lost my support, silly woman.


Gillard you have everything to gain by giving the coalition carte blanche. I do not need to explain it to you, and if I did, Abbott would not agree even to that. If you do not, you will lose your leadership over the winter break.

You CANNOT claim to care about death yet be willing to continue lecturing everyone about your preferred solution. That is your inner lawyer coming through.
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Gina [Jun. 25th, 2012|09:03 pm]
What a piece of work.

Private school accent and all.

I hope she dies as miserable and deluded as she has lived.
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Greens and Immigration [Jun. 24th, 2012|06:41 pm]

I understand the Greens are petrified of losing support by compromising on asylum seekers.

I just think they should at least open up a vote to their members on the Malaysia solution.

It will help Gillard look like a leader, and the Greens like a serious political party. Politicians have to compromise, and the situation as it stands is intolerable.


UPDATE I expanded my thoughts in comments here.
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Enough [Jun. 20th, 2012|09:02 am]
[Tags|, , ]
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There has been enough transfer of money from Euro taxpayers to the World's rich. This is just the latest attempt designed to bail out rich bond holders (banks) using public money.

Who will have access to these funds? The well-connected. Its a fucking parachute.

Enough is enough.

I'll tell you what to do about Europe:

a) Reduce patents to 5 years

b) Give every taxpayer $1000 they can spend on membership fees to a new type of body - a 'collaboration'.

c) Monitor collaborations for leadership quality, detailed in my thesis.

Time to put taxpayers money back IN Greece and Spain and the rest - via collaboration. It will occupy the people, allow them to form new ventures, and encourage them to become part of the tax system.


A 'social bond' system would work well with the collaboration funding.

Basically, membership fees only pay for administration costs of a collaboration. If they want to do stuff, they need to attract funding. A collaboration that offers a promise of (measurable) results will attract funding that the government can offer a return on. If they are not met, bonds are lost, and will not return the next year.

My collaboration approach merely provides the environment for new collaborations to form. How they are funded to do things is always the next question, but an ecosystem of collaborations that compete for 'sunlight' is better than an unchanging group of institutions (charitable included) that basically survive because getting an alternative started is so expensive (and they have tax-deductible status of course)


My system ASSUMES a lack of gigantic pyramid scheme stealing money from the taxpayers and paying it to banks.
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Gambling Reform [May. 23rd, 2012|08:24 am]
[Tags|, ]

Listening to Xenophon this morning I'm a little concerned about his dedication to policy as opposed to his own re-election (courtesy of Liberal preferences).

First, his 'threshold' plan. Yes, the carbon tax has a lot of turnover of money. And it may cause electricity prices to rise. But isn't that the point? You want not only industry but also consumers to face a financial incentive to reduce carbon emissions.

On the government reforms, they (and I) thought that mandatory pre-commitment were the way to go. This may indeed be shown to be correct (you nor I have done the sociological experiment) but to change path completely would look completely stupid to the public.

So they have to go with a trial because most people who attend these clubs are idiots. I think Wilkie is doing a great job using his position to leverage the legislation, and now I want the Greens to offer support as well.

The leak to Queanbeyan should not be too much of an issue, or at least it will be very interesting to see difference in gambling take between North and South Canberra. If its consistent, we can be sure that people don't travel to gamble. If the South experiences a larger drop in take, then we can assume that Queanbeyan (much closer) is the beneficiary.

This will all be confirmed when the data from Queanbeyan is secured by court order at some later date. If the managers of these clubs do not keep accurate records in anticipation, they can go to jail.
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Craig Thompson [May. 21st, 2012|12:49 pm]

Well well well, phone cloning is indeed possible.

As to the rest, he paints a plausible picture.

Why was video footage from brothels not pursued?

The Fair Work investigation seems an embarrassment. Interview only two of four financial officers in four years. Kathy Jackson's husband is the deputy of Fair Work.

Kathy Jackson's salary doubled just after she took over Thompson's role.

Apparently letters from Thompson detailed threats to 'destroy his political career.'

I'd probably be asking some harsh questions of the Fair Work report author.



All he had to do was paint a plausible picture of possible innocence. That's it.

But no. He also wanted to convince his wife, his staff, his electorate, and possibly himself, who knows.

So he over-extended into immediately falsifiable claims.

No, Craig, tapes aren't kept for 6 years, and many brothels do not have cameras.

No, Craig, YOU refused to answer questions after your first interview with Fair Work.

You may have been a victim of a corrupt system, you may have been a positive change agent in the union movement, but this is all undermined by your foolishness.

The independents have no choice but to allow you to be investigated for your lies to parliament.

And, BTW, now we truly know that this guy has been let go by Labor. He has obviously been operating in a cone of delusion for some time now. Pity, a little bit of support and advice might have been wise.
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My Thoughts on Feminism and Rape [May. 11th, 2012|09:15 am]

What follows is a comment made in response to this article, also stimulated by this one.


I am a 'nice person' not a chauvinist or misogynist. I posted a comment in response to a FB post about women's birth control and rights to their bodies etc. It is described below, but it caused me to be 'unfriended' by a feminist - without any debate or consideration of the points I was raising. This seems to me indicative of a wider malaise with women not willing to extend patience or courtesy to men they do not see immediate advantage, socially or sexually, in knowing. In the end, this collectively harms women as much as the 'loser' men...

Now I agree that women are not given power over for their own reproduction, in fact I strongly agree they should be given consideration for a burden that is both unfair and unavoidable. What I have a problem with is women who look for men who can manipulate their emotions (good salesmen) rather than then those who are less confident and less forward - or 'losers.'

Now I understand that confidence is sexy, and women like to be swept into the arms of a strong man, but where does that leave all the guys who lack a little confidence?

I think if women as a group want to be treated better, they should endeavour to take pity on hopeless guys and take them home and give them an education. Try to broaden out the pool of confident guys with those who have not been so since their boyhood.

As things stand, 10% of the guys get 90% of the hookups. They become arrogant and expect sex, and will rape if they don't get it.

The other 90% would treat the woman better, and then themselves become more confident and increase the ranks of 'nice guys who can pick up.' If that 90% continue to never 'pick up' they remain frustrated and desperate, which is no use to them nor attractive to women. If however they occasionally 'score,' and perhaps maintain a friendship with the lady, then they can be taught to have some confidence AND to respect women who are willing to respect THEM.

At the same time, women are not LOSING control by drinking and acting slutty so that they have the confidence to approach the CONFIDENT GUY, or at least not be blamed for doing so because they are drunk.

NO! They are instead staying (relatively) sober and deliberately choosing a nice, shy guy to take home and educate.

That way, women take some power and responsibility for the whole scene, and so improve it.

We are beyond the days of the Alpha Male and women have to take control of their instincts so that all men can grow beyond their childhood sexuality or their alpha-male arrogance.
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Q and A [May. 10th, 2012|09:00 am]
[Tags|, ]

I would like the Q and A panel to be filled with experts who aren't famous, but who can speak and think clearly.

By experts, I include those in 'real life.' Business people and employees with long experience.

By experts I also mean theoreticians and senior bureaucrats.

Basically, those with knowledge but without leadership of certain lobby group.

We need people to talk from factual and theoretical understanding, not speak in code designed to shore up a political support base.

People who can debate issues on their merits and without fear of losing prestige in their particular lobby group.
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Downloads [May. 4th, 2012|12:23 pm]
Why not make a $5 download of Game of Thrones available BEFORE it gets broadcasted?

It would create a buzz in early adopters, and terrestial broadcasters could be made sources of the (geographically-limited) download.

In the ad break, insert 30sec bits showing cut-aways of incidental activity of characters. These can be added to the legal download, but won't appear in the illegal version as ad breaks are cut out automatically.

Finally, try to synchronise world-wide release so people have some incentive to watch it.
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The Jones Brothers [May. 2nd, 2012|10:04 am]

So, both Alan Jones and Jim Jones take/took advantage of the stupid, disenfranchised and (notably) elderly.

Bad for democracy? Terrible.

Who is the least informed? The young.

Who is the least able to apply critical reasoning? The elderly.

Who has the most at stake? Middle aged with families, mortgages, work responsibilities and businesses.

My solution would be to give young and old people less of a vote. Maybe allow voting from 16 (when parents can enroll them).

16 - 18: 0.2
18 - 20: 0.4
20 - 22: 0.6
22 - 24: 0.8
24 - 54: 1
54 - 60: 0.8
64 - 68: 0.6
68 - 72: 0.4
72 - 74: 0.2

Of course, if any one person cares enough, they can apply to have their vote made '1.' I imagine this would involve sitting a knowledge test on current government and opposition policies (not the effect, just the policies).

It would give the lazy-ass electoral commission something to do in between elections, anyway.
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