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Hi there,

My reason for blogging is basically to alleviate guilt. I figure that if I let the world know what I think the answers to the world's issues are, then I can tell myself that I've done my best. If after that no one else does anything, then it's not my problem.

Reasonable? I think so.

The alternative is to become a hippy protester, but we all know what Cartman says about hippies...

FYI My icon comes from Digital Blasphemy.


UPDATE (I tend to do this a lot)

I have written something like 1300 posts over 6 years, but for reasons I prefer to not go into (for fear of being labelled delusional before you have the pleasure of discovering this for yourself), have hidden all bar 60 or so (at time of writing).


UPDATE 3/5/2011

All entries have been made public.